Brooke Agers, Church Council Chair

Cindy Myer, Nursery/Elementary Age Parent 

Sgt. David Hausner, Law Enforcement

David Saliba, Clergy

Jim Hamilton, Lay Member to Annual Conference

Levi Gardner, Clergy

Lori Gerritsen, Lay Member to Annual Conference

Pete King, Lay Leader

Rae Menard, Program Ministry Director

Steve Whitley, Youth Age Parent

Dr. Tim Mott, Family Medicine 

Dr. Wayne Britt, Radiologist


Worship - Communal and Virtual: 

David Saliba, chair, Dr. Pete King

Rituals, Functions, and Events

Rae Menard, chair, Dr. Tim Mott

Children and Youth

Cindi Myer, chair, Steve Whitley, Dr. Tim Mott

Finance, Facilities, and Staff

Levi Gardner, chair, Jim Hamilton, Lori Gerritsen


Brooke Agers, chair, Sgt. Dave Hausner, Dr. Wayne Britt

March 30, 2021


On March 29, 2021, the PBUMC COVID-19 Task force met to discuss and reevaluate our current safety protocols. We closely monitor data and felt great relief to see that local COVID cases are very low, the positivity rate of testing is very low, and hospitalizations are at an all-time low since tracking began in 2020. Additionally, an increasing number of people are being vaccinated, and vaccines will soon be readily available for adults of all ages. 


The PBUMC COVID-19 Task Force has diligently tracked and responded to community COVID data and other indicators (such as Escambia County School District guidelines) and we are pleased to report that our measures to protect the most vulnerable among us have been successful throughout services and activities at PBUMC and The Redemption Store. 


In response to the upward trend of vaccinations and decreased risk of viral spread, the Task Force made a decision to make a change to our COVID Safely Protocol. We will now begin offering congregants the option to remove masks when seated in worship. We do still require masking during entry/exit, singing, standing, and moving about the building. Seat groupings will remain spaced apart. We will continue to use the sign-up system as well for the present (you will find links at the bottom of this email for Holy Week services). We will resume making weekly worship bulletins available. Discussions will begin soon regarding sharing meals together in a safe and responsible manner. 


These decisions were made after much discussion and input from various viewpoints. We do recognize that the change in mask protocol is not the current recommendation of the CDC, but again, a response to significant local data, the upward trend of vaccinations and subsequent decreased risk of viral spread. 


We trust that this is only the first small step in the process to the return of the simple joys and privileges we all miss so dearly, such as seeing the warm and welcoming smiles between all who enter our doors. At the same time, we respectfully expect that some will feel most comfortable remaining masked for the duration of services. Each person should make this choice based on their own discretion. 


We look forward to many days of exalting our Risen Savior side by side with you. Thank you for being the church that our community has needed, through challenges and victories... the heart of the community.