October 1, 2020


Dear congregation, 


The Perdido Bay UMC COVID-19 Task Force met this week to evaluate PBUMC's response to COVID-19 and how we can continue to fulfill our mission and vision in a manner that is mindful of all. We rejoice for the decline in case numbers and the data that has led to Phase 3 in the State of Florida. 


Through the measures we have taken thus far, we have had great success creating an atmosphere that is safe and organized. Scientific data continues to affirm that proper distancing and mask wearing is effective in creating a safe and hospitable environment. As such, we will continue with the same guidelines that we have followed in the previous months. It has been encouraging to see our worshipers return and increase in number as time progresses. We will also continue to evaluate how we might best accommodate the increasing numbers of attendees while still safely distancing. 


At this time, seats will remain 6 feet apart and masks will be required while on campus. However, we do recognize that times of fellowship before and after services have a great significance to each of us and these interactions will no longer be discouraged as they tend to be brief yet important. 


In November, we will re-evaluate the Activities Center's availability to the community as a meeting place for various groups and organizations. It is our desire to continue to be the heart of the community, and we will reopen our doors in this manner as soon as it is a wise and viable option. 


Additionally, it was noted that flu shots are encouraged now more than ever as we move further towards flu season. More to come on this at a later time.


Thank you for continuing to love, serve, and give to Perdido Bay United Methodist Church.


Brooke Agers, Church Council Chair

Cindy Myer, Nursery/Elementary Age Parent 

Sgt. David Hausner, Law Enforcement

David Saliba, Clergy

Jim Hamilton, Lay Member to Annual Conference

Levi Gardner, Clergy

Lori Gerritsen, Lay Member to Annual Conference

Pete King, Lay Leader

Rae Menard, Program Ministry Director

Dr. Shawn Bowling, Cardiologist

Steve Whitley, Youth Age Parent

Dr. Tim Mott, Family Medicine 

Dr. Wayne Britt, Radiologist


Worship - Communal and Virtual: 

David Saliba, chair, Dr. Shawn Bowling, Pete King

Rituals, Functions, and Events

Rae Menard, chair, Dr. Tim Mott

Children and Youth

Cindi Myer, chair, Steve Whitley, Dr. Tim Mott

Finance, Facilities, and Staff

Levi Gardner, chair, Jim Hamilton, Lori Gerritsen


Brooke Agers, chair, Sgt. Dave Hausner, Dr. Wayne Britt

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